No new episodes for New Voyages will be produced.

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No new episodes for New Voyages will be produced.

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Originally posted by GaryEvans

James has worked at New Voyages fan films since 2002. I joined in 2006 right after the film with Walter Koenig was filmed. I joined when Of Gods and Men was announced as filming in Port Henry. I and 2 helpers wired that old studio the first week of July 2006 and then I worked as a Production Assistant, transport worker and set Electrician during OGaM. All of us at New Voyagers were there for so many firsts. Even Vic Mignogna acted in his first fan films at New Voyages. But along the way, the drive for ever more celebrity guests, more special effects and so much special post production and editing the fan films became expensive, time consuming, prone to delays and no long fun for any of the key volunteers. Crowdfunding looked like a way to ease the financial burden BUT quickly became a game of Perks with many donors only contributing for costly "perks"! Some even shopped for groups to support based upon who offered the most for the least donation. The aftermath of fulfilling perks for fans proved burdensome, too expensive and far more costly than crowd-funding sites indicated.

In Autumn 2015 we assessed the trends and  decided our new goal was to maintain the sets and studio we were working so hard to complete. We were no longer willing to conduct Kickstarter style crowd funding. Fans no longer donated directly - just perk-laden crowd funding. Jams, Charles and I had identified several options.

Then at year's-end the Paramount-CBS lawsuit was filed. New Voyages discussed issues and decided to approach CBS about getting a tour license. Six months later and many negotiations later that plan resulted in a license agreement with CBS studios. We will not bring the sights, sounds and sets of the mid-1960s to fans from anywhere in this world! We have already been officially encouraged to consider adding wedding and wedding-vow-renewal options and that is being planned and James Cawley made an official announcement Saturday 16 July via the Star Trek Tour Facebook page! That service is now being developed even as we ready to begin tour 30 Juy 2016

Star Trek Tour is also working on other new and exciting possible events in conjunction with CBS and in compliance with our License Agreement! Watch for details at, and at

It's good to have an update, but this is really sad news.  It feels like Star Trek just died right before its 50th birthday.  

I will take the licensing of the set tour as a glimmer of hope that something may change for the better in the future.  It would really be good to see those last few episodes.

Many deep and sincere thanks for all the enjoyment James and the rest of you have brought us over the years, and of course: Live Long and Prosper.

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